Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mums in November

Knitting a scarf for my Mum's birthday at the end of November. I found this pattern for a daisy stitch and set to work with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in Oxford Grey. Since daisy's aren't really in season, I named the scarf for a fall flower and the recipient.

I cast on 25 and have done the repeat about 5 times so far. This is what it looks like now...
From Knitting on the Road

Waterfall Scarf

I had some fairly thin purple yarn that I wanted to use up so I found a skinny scarf pattern that didn't utilize to much yarn and got knitting. I finished in about half a day and then blocked it a little. First time doing that! Just soaked it for about 20 minutes and then laid flat to dry. I found the pattern here:

From Knitting on the Road


I knitted up a few dishcloths from various patterns I found online, and one I made myself.

The first one I made was a Breast Cancer Awareness, mostly it could be for any ribbon, depending on your yarn color. I found the pattern here:
From Knitting on the Road

Then I tried the round cloth... I am quite happy with it and think the color selection was a good fit. The pattern can be found here:
From Knitting on the Road

Then I did a simple basketweave, which was a K5, P5 repeat for row 1, P5, K5 repeat on row 2 and back and forth. (Pictured below, right)
From Knitting on the Road

The last one I just did from memory of a shawl I'd knit which I thought would work well for a dishcloth. (Pictured above, left)
Row 1: K1, YO, K1, YO, K1
Row 2: K1, YO, K until one left, YO, K1
Row 3 -> Repeat row 2 until you've reached the right size triangle for you
Row ?: K2, CO1, K to the end and CO1; continue this pattern until you CO all stitches

Here we are...

My job requires essentially living on the road. Being in towns where I know no one. Having a lot of free time. Packing light. I decided that this was the time to catch up on knitting. I keep two needles, size US7 & US10, and enough yarn for the project I'm working on. I buy more yarn on the road as needed. I search for patterns online and recently started practicing making my own. Which is why I really decided to start this blog... to keep track of my made up patterns in case I want to reference back to them. Or even to track all the patterns I've used in case I want to make another.