Monday, September 27, 2010

Matcy matchy 2

I couldn't get all the pics to post in one, so here is the scarf that goes with the hats and the wristwarmers I just posted about.
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Matchy matchy

I had lots of this interesting yarn and found a pattern just for it for a hat and scarf. I made a couple of the hats and then started on the scarf long, long ago. Then there was a birthday coming up... so I thought I'd finish the scarf as the birthday gal already had the matching hat. I didn't really end up following the pattern for the scarf and just eyeballed when to do the "pattern" rows. After finishing the scarf I still had plenty of yarn and thought something more was needed. So I made up a matching set of wristwarmers. I cast on 26 stitches in the round using size 10 dpns. I then knit for some rows and did the "pattern" rows whenever I thought it looked needed. One of them turned out looking possibly a little longer, but it's pretty hard to tell :-D

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