Sunday, August 2, 2009

Simple Shawl

Couldn't think of a match for brainless so just went for simple :-) Was gifted 5 skeins of this yarn and wasn't sure what I'd do with it... the wrapper had directions for a "Prayer Shawl" but that wasn't exactly me... I did go with the shawl idea though. It seems like pointy wraps are all the rage now so I thought that would add some interest to mine... I cast 60 st onto size 10 needles like the wrapper directions said but instead of their super simple knitting the whole thing I k2, k2tog... of course this turned out not quite right when I got to the end of my row but I just adjusted and k the last one. After a while I realized that I now had only 59 st on my needles, but oh well, this is supposed to be simple so I didn't let it bother me :-) I followed this pattern for the first skein. After switching to skein #2 I went with knitting all around so that the whole thing wouldn't be too off-kilter. I'm about finished with skein #2 and I will move the current work onto a pair of circs while I begin the whole process again with skein's 3 & 4. Then I will take the unworked stitches from the knitted only parts and cast them off together for a nice seam (hopefully!). I shall keep you posted!
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