Monday, November 16, 2009

Sneaky Snake

Sneaky Snake is done and Jonathan is happy! He decided on adding the eyes and tongue and I think that makes it extra cute!

I think this yarn worked so great for this project... at some angles you don't notice the cables and some you do.
I improvised on the end of the pattern a bit so that both sides would match. After finishing row 24 of my last set of the pattern I followed the pattern backwards starting with row 9. Once I had cast off I found some black yarn and knotted two pieces on for eyes and a bit of pink yarn was knotted on for the tongue.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sneaky Snake

Ooo-hoo... I'm working TWO projects at once! Look out! Haha... so I had this green unknown yarn and thought it looked #1 great for a boy, and #2 like it should be a creature. I decided on snake and went looking for a pattern. I found one that fit just right. As I started going, I wasn't sure this yarn would work because of all the texture in it. I've done two repeats and I'm starting to think it's just right. The extra texture is working with this and you can still see the snake, it's just not totally obvious... kind of like a real snake, could be hiding in the grass or something. I might even add a little pink tongue when it's finished!

Windy City Twist

Finally starting to twist, might work out well after all... This twisty scarf was not an easy start. I began using a pattern that worked the length of the scarf, but I didn't have large enough needles. I tried to compensate by doubling the cast on stitches and was at 800 stitches on the circ needles when they broke! I then had a knotted mess of yarn... I took two days to get started and another two to unknot the mess!

I'm now two days into this version knitting across... I was a little worried as I didn't see how this would start to twist, but I've gotten to a point where I'm seeing it now. I'm just hoping I can finish it in less than a week so I'll have it for my trip to the Windy City!