Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Satin Ripple

I've started on my next scarf... I had found a pattern that called for lace weight so I was searching for that and ended up with Bernat Satin in Plum Mist Heather. When I went to find my pattern again, I couldn't! Hahaha... oh well. I just searched again and came up with http://www.numei.com/knittingpatterns_scarf_catrip1.htm

So I started it a day or two ago and have a few hours into it now. I've taken some photos of the progress as well as a close up to highlight the pattern. I'm not sure how long this will end up, but I'm leaning towards the shorter side. I think this pattern calls for it, too long will loose the punch.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mums in November - Finished!


The Mums in November scarf, gift for my mom's November birthday, is completed! I was able to get it done thanks to an unexpected 4 hour layover in Detroit this past week.

On 5"3' me it goes down to my knees, my mom is 5"7'. I'm debating about the fringe edging. Normally I don't do it and didn't plan to on this one, but for some reason I'm feeling it on this scarf.

Doing the photography of this scarf at the hotel, so using interesting pieces as models...