Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tank Update

Just finished skein 6 and am at about 15 1/2 inches.  I have 2 skeins left, so it's time to split and see how it goes.  

Since I cast on 226 I'm going to work 112 which will be the back, worked straight back and forth.  The plan is to knit two rows, BO 10 at the beginning of each.  The first row is K2, slip 1, slip next and insert L needle through the back of both slipped and knit them together (SSK).  Knit to the last 4, K2TOG, K2.  The 2nd row is K3, pattern (P1, K1) to the last 3, K3.  These two rows are worked 5 times and then the decreasing occurs every 4th row, doing so 5 times.  The first and last 3 should be knit on each row.  

This should take me to the shoulders for the back.  I'm going to give this a whirl and see what happens and then post the continuation...  maybe some pics too.

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