Monday, June 8, 2009

Floppy Beige Bucket

Well, this one turned out different than I'd imagined! I found the pattern on for a "bucket" hat but my yarn seemed quite a bit thinner than in the pattern, so instead of CO96, I did 156. After completing the brim (which is twice what you see, it is turned under) I came to realize this might be a little too big... so I started to correct. I k8, k2tog 12 times after knitting 3 rows, about 4 times. I then knit until the "body" of the hat was about 4 inches, at which point I started the decreases for the top. Around there I noticed my correction didn't help much but to make this look like a pancake! My fix was to take a piece of yarn and string it through where the brim meets the body and pull. I took it in to where it fit snuggly and then, voila! Added a little flower from my mother's day card and it's not too shabby... it's just more like a floppy sunhat now :-)

You can find the original pattern by going to the make1yarns website.
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havfaith said...

Have you thought about possibly felting it slightly? That would make it not only a little smaller but also a bit stiffer. Just a thought. It's cute as is though! =)