Saturday, April 3, 2010


Most of my knitting is done while I'm working on the road, thus when work is in "downtime" my knitting seems to do the same.

I've been home for about 2 mos now and I've not completed much. I was working on a blanket while on the road and was able to get that done once home. Perhpas unfortunately, the next project was to be a blanket also. These take too long to get that sense of accomplishment that keeps one going.

I managed to cast on and get going, but got side tracked by a yarn sale and did some slippers. I was very happy with the results and was able to get back to the blanket for a while. That slowly dropped off though as it seemed to be getting nowhere.

I'm just about to the end of skein 3 of 4, so the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to glow and I hope to get this finished within a couple weeks.

Once I finish I hope to post patterns and pics of these recent projects. Then I'm going to work on smaller & funner projects...

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