Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feeling reinspired

Finally finished blanket #2! Recipiant is very happy :-). As I was getting to the end I was getting more involved, mentally I guess you could say. Got through the last skein in just a couple of days. Then I was still thinking about knitting... I was kind of surprised as I expected to want a break.

So today I cast on my next project... Slipper socks for DH. He has an ideal slipper sock in mind, so this will be a test. The last pair I made (which were my 1st attempt at the genre) did not pass muster. This time I have the luxury of having the feet available for measuring.

I like to get the CO and increasing out of the way before deciding on a pattern an am now at that point. Although I first need to decide if there should be a pattern at all. The pair I'm replacing did not pattern except to have a color change around the cuff. I don't really have an ideal color match in my stash for that, so we'll see about that when we get there.

I know I haven't posted pics in a while and do intend to, however my 1st blanket is in the wash, the slipper socks done in between the blankets are MIA, and the camera battery needs a charge...

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