Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blankets for boys

My boys wanted some warm blankets so let them pick out Lion Brand Homespun in their favorite color and I got to work. BTW, blankets take forever, even with this thicker yarn! I started the red one first and it took me about a month to finish. I did a simple seed stitch to play off the lumpy style of the yarn. I then did the green one and it took longer. I was back home by then and it was also started to warm up so I was short on inspiration. I still finished it in less than 2 months. This was done in a 2x2 rib, just for a different look. I cast on about 180 st for each blanket. I guesstimated that 4 skeins would be a nice blanket size so I just knit until those were used up. Turned out perfect, just around 4 feet long. They fit a kid just right, and could be a lap blanket for an adult.


Karen said...

I can't believe how many blankets you've churned out! I so cant commit! lol

~*~ denae ~*~ said...

These two blankets are speedy... plenty big to cover an adult's legs and all fits on a circ. Get this kind of yarn and you'll be able to make one :-)