Saturday, May 15, 2010


Recently fulfilled a couple of requested knits, both hats. The above pic is of a basketweave patterned hat requested by my son. He wanted something with a pattern but nothing too crazy. I didn't have the size 8 dpns called for so I used size 7. I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern otherwise though because it was meant for an adult and I was knitting for a kid. Plus the pattern indicated that it turned out pretty stretchy. It did feel like it was going to be too small, but I can actually fit it on my head, so it's just a snug knit.
I made the above hat for my sis after she saw the one I made for myself. Of course, I forgot to photograph mine! It's made with Lion Brand Homespun using a pattern made by Lion Brand just for this yarn.
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Karen said...

It's funny. That's a pattern I'd never look at and want to try, but it looks really good on her! And yours did too... even if there is no photographic proof. =)

~*~ denae ~*~ said...

I know! It's a strange idea, but turns out pretty cool :-)