Thursday, October 14, 2010

A little shopping

Found some nice yarns at the thrift store the other day... I've looked there a couple times and usually they just have the really crafty looking acrylics but this time they had some nicer stuff. Two of the yarns are lightweight (maybe even lace weight?) in a light purple (without a tag) and a light green (with an old tag). Then a nice ball of a dark green mystery yarn. A bright green Red Heart sport weight (with tag). They had a bin full of what is probably crochet floss or something, but there was a white with gold that I thought might be nice so I grabbed that. Finally, I found 4 skeins of a red, black and white varigated yarn (some with tags) that had a UFO still attached!
Another day I was at the Barnes and Noble with the kids and found a great stitch book. It has over 500 stitch patterns! It's a little big for travel but great to start making up patterns at home. I also stopped into Michael's to see what was on sale. I found some bulky brown yarn (for a purse?) and a silky green yarn (perhaps a hat?) but not much on sale. I decided to check out the jewelry section to see if they had anything I could use to make knit jewelry. I found some thin wire, some hemp, and some beads. I finally stopped into my LYS too! I picked up a lovely purple & brown skein of a wool blend that I think will make a nice pair of socks for me. Also a big ol ball of yarn in black, grey's and white which will likely become a purse (or maybe two!).

Finally getting an amount of yarn I think qualifies as a stash! LOL
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Karen E said...

And so it begins... mwahahahaha