Friday, October 8, 2010

Some new stuff...

Here are a couple of projects I worked on lately... the first is my attempt at dying. I knit a double seed stitch in a light grey cotton yarn and wanted it to have a tint of purple. Obviously, that is not what happened! I used mostly grape with a touch of fruit punch "drink mix" and this picked up and held all the red tones. It is not horrible, just not what I was going for. I still need to do another vinegar wash to hopefully retain the color since this is cotton. It's too short to be a good scarf so I'm going to have to put some buttons on it or something.

The second and third pics are the scarf that I knit up using ribbon yarn. It's very slinky and fun. Not sure yet if this one will be a keeper for myself or if I'll put it up on Etsy. So, it will sit here for now :-)
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Karen E said...

Hmm, I wonder if maybe black cherry mixed with one of the blues would give you a better purple with the cotton... or maybe even over-dye the scarf with a blue? I haven't tried dyeing cotton yet.