Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dishcloths for Christmas gifts

I have some relatives I see once a year that I am a bit obligated to get gifts for at Christmastime. Being on the road, my thoughts went to local items, as I was looking I came upon the idea of soaps... that led to the idea of making dishcloths to go with those soaps.

Since knitting is cheaper and more fun that shopping for people I hardly know, I quickly started planning the dishcloths, the soaps will have to wait. First, I picked up some "Sugar 'n Cream" yarn at Michael's, one skein in "Green Twists" and one in "Natural". The plan for the green is more christmas-y, perhaps a tree. The natural will be a bit more everyday.

I searched and searched for a tree pattern, and finally found it! I had almost given up and decided I might have to just figure one out myself, and this one is better than I would have thought up.

I am about to cast on for the tree dishcloths, will then search for a pattern to use with the natural. I hope to come up with a total of four out of the two skeins I bought. I'll keep you posted!

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