Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do Over!

So, the shawl I made with this yarn turned out rather unusable... I decided I liked the yarn enough to frog it and start on something I might actually use. I decided a wrap around my back would be nice, but something that would stay put and keep my arms warm as well. I just went from there in my mind.

CO 40 st on sz 10 dpns
K2, P2 in the round until the work is about 4 1/2 inches long (mid forearm to elbow)
K1, KFB, repeat all around, there are now 60 st
K work in the round until it is about 15 inches (mid forearm to shoulder)
Begin working "flat" (won't really be flat for many rows)*
  • R1: K
  • R2: P
At about 27 inches I was almost done with one skein of the yarn and the work was about mid-back so I stopped knitting, just leaving the work on the needle. I will be doing the 3 needle cast off with the other half once it's finished to seam the pieces together.

*For the first side, I swtiched to a circ when I stopped knitting in the round. That didn't work so well, so I tried straight needles, but they only started working once I was several rows out of the round. For the second side I plan to continue on the dpns until the straight needles will work.
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havfaith said...

If you don't want the seam, you could always just continue across the back and rejoin in the round at the appropriate point. Make sure one of the stripes is midway when you rejoin and your striping will match. =) Most of the shrug patterns are done this way unless it's a stitch pattern that requires a seam in the back to be able to mirror the pattern on both sides. You know me, I avoid as much finish work as possible! haha Looks good so far though!

~*~ denae ~*~ said...

I thought of that, but with the increasing I did I would have to decrease on the flip side... which would more than likely end up being a bit holey (by my history) so I decided a seam was better than holes! And the 3 needle cast off is almost fun :-D