Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stay-put Baby Blanket-Style 2

Another baby on the way in the extended family so I decided to try a different pattern on the blanket. I had plenty of the pastel green Pound of Love yarn so I got to work, casting on 80 again with size 7 dpns.

The first 8 rows are k1,p1 ribbing followed by increasing with row 9. k7, kfb, and repeat. Then the basketweave pattern begins.

R1-3: k5, p4, repeat ending on p4
R4: k
R5-7: p5, k4, repeat ending on k4
R8: k

I continued the basketweave pattern, ending on R8 of the pattern at row 102 or approximately 14 1/2 inches long. I went back to my first blanket pattern to end this one.

R103-107: k1, p1
R108: k7, k2tog, repeat to end
R109: k2tog, k38, repeat
R110: k6, k2tog, ending with k6
R111: knit
R112: k5, k2tog, ending with k6
R113: knit
R114: k4, k2tog
R115: knit
R116: k3, k2tog
R117: knit
R118: k2, k2tog
R119: knit
R120: k1, k2tog
R121: 3 needle bo

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