Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink Camo Wrist Warmers

Just trying to use up the pink camo yarn I had purchased to make socks with. I decided on wrist warmers thinking they'd be an easy knit. I read some patterns on to get sizing ideas and then cast on.

CO 36 st on sz 3 dpns
Work in the round: K2, P2 until work is 4 1/2 inches
Stop working in the round and continue K2, P2 for Row 1 and P2, K2 for Row 2 repeating twice (total of 4 rows not in the round)
Work back in the round K2, P2 until work is 7 inches long

I found the easiest way to create a thumb hole was to just stop knitting in the round for a little, long enough to make the hole the right size.

As an FYI, these were knit for an 8 year old girl, so sizing may vary based on the recipient.
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