Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Already hitting a set back :-(

I have just about gotten through my first hank out of six and as I realize this and look at my progress I am not happy... I realize knitting is not always done because it is cheap, but come on! Even if you just put it in terms of how many hanks and not money... I've got about 2 inches knit out of a hank. I measured myself and approximate I'll need 17 inches to get to the armpits and somewhere around another 8 inches to finish it completely. That works out to needing 12 hanks! This is one darn expensive tank top!!! And that's with the reasonably priced yarn...

I'm now on the fence as to what to do... start over with a different spin? Just give up and go buy more before I leave here so I get the same lot? Just keep going, hope for the best and figure it out when I get to the problem? Which would most likely end up causing more problems in the terms of what yarn to get???


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havfaith said...

Hmm, so you're looking at $60+tax? Ouch! Yeah, that's a bit pricey for a tank.

Hmm, well, at only 89 yds a hank, that stuff isn't going to go far. Have you checked your gauge again? Just to make sure you're getting the right size? The stitch pattern you're using is using a bit more yarn than a stockinette stitch would as well. You could maybe do the body in plain ss and then do something more decorative at the top front to make the yardage stretch a bit more, but still not just be so basic. 12 hanks still seems a bit over the top though even if you continue on as you are. Most of the tanks I saw on Ravelry with this yarn use at most 8-9 skeins even in larger sizes. Might need another hank if you still want to add any type of sleeve though. Are you following any pattern (even loosely)? That would give you a better idea of yardage requirements as well.

Just think how easy this will all be the next time though! =)