Saturday, March 7, 2009

Raspberry Beret

I had been wanting to make a hat for myself out of this yarn and finally found a pattern that wasn't too hard but looked like more than just knit. This is called the Purse Stitch. I knit this started with size 7 dpns for the 1x1 rib and switched to size 10 dpns for the pattern of *yo, p2tog*, and *yo, k2tog*. I cast on 82 and knit 'til it was about 12 in long then started the decrease which was to be 2 rows of k2tog. I did three before I strung the tail through and pulled it tight. In retrospect, I think it should've been a row of k2tog and then a knit row and then k2tog. It buckles in decreasing so fast. I think it turned out fairly good, I dropped stitches a couple times but was able to pick them up ok. I think this pattern is pretty forgiving too... hard to notice mistakes. It doesn't look on me how I thought it would, but it sure is cozy warm!

The day I started knitting this hat I was in the car and on the radio came a song... it fit perfectly! Raspberry Beret by Prince was the song... my yarn was a dark red color, the pattern made bumps like seeds, the style was beret! And thus the name for my hat was born!
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havfaith said...

Very cute! And very similar to the stitch I used on my last hat.