Friday, March 20, 2009

My Socks

I am loving socks! Using worsted weight yarn and size 7 dpns these knit up fairly quickly... I'd say an hour or two a night for about two weeks and they were finished. I knit them toe up, which I'm also loving, using the magic loop cast on.

I used this pattern as a guide, but took my own direction sometimes. The beginning of each sock started the same but at some point during the heel things changed and I'm not sure where I went wrong in the pattern but I couldn't make sense of parts of the pattern in my mind which is why I'm going to type up a rework that I can understand...

So, I cast on 8 stitches on magic loop and made one until there were 24 on each needle. For adult socks I will cast on more like 10-12 in the future so as to not end up with such a pointy toe. I knit around until about 7-7 1/2 inches and then started short rowing for the heel. Once there were 4 unworked I started long rowing the heel. I knit (for sock one, pearl for sock two) around twice and then did a 2x2 ribbing for the calf for about 4 inches. I also cast off in ribbing to make the sock loose enough to get on and off easily.

There is a point in the heel, I think while switching from short to long row, that gets confusing to me. This is what caused sock one to get knit up a little different from sock two, although they both turned out looking the same. I will have to re-read the pattern and come up with a better way for me to understand how to make it work so next time my pair will be a identical pair.

I also really like the yarn I ended up using for this. I bought the yarn not knowing what I'd do with it, although I did have socks on my mind I wasn't sure the weight of this yarn was appropriate. It turned out to be just right for what I wanted, more of a slipper sock, and the way it self patterns it awesome! I ended up with leftover yarn but not enough for any more socks... I'll definitely be buying more because the price was decent as well!
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